Xiaomi Desk Lamp PRO - Is it a worthy upgrade? [Xiaomify]

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The successor of the Xiaomi desk lamp: The Mi Desk Lamp Pro. Is it a worthy upgrade or not? You can find the Mi Desk lamp pro on Gearbest here: AliExpress here:

The Mi Desk Lamp Pro is the successor of the first generation Mi Desk Lamps. The first notable change is the flexibility in the stand, this can move around in many angles to set the perfect lighting. Also, the light itself has improved quite a bit; sporting more LED lights which results in a much bigger light source that is nicely diffused. The Mi Desk Lamp Pro can be set up with the Mi Home APP for remote control from your smartphone from where you can set the brightness and hue of the light as well as recalling saved presets. As expected you can also set up timers and smart home automation rules to use all kinds of sensors and switches from the Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem to control this light automatically.

The Mi Desk Lamp Pro is also the first Xiaomi product to work with Apple Homekit, following in the footsteps of recent products from both Yeelight and Aqara. This allows you to control it from Apple's Home APP (on iOS, WatchOS and MacOS) but also use it in conjunction with other Apple Homekit compatible devices as well.

You can use the Mi Desk lamp with both the Mi Home APP as well as the Apple Home APP as well, offering the most flexibility,

As of right now the Mi Desk Lamp Pro is only available in China Mainland, but I do expect it will follow the first generation Mi Desk Lamp and most likely will be available in other markets in the year(s?) to come.

Overall I was impressed with the Mi Desk Lamp Pro and I think it's a worthy upgrade from its predecessor.

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