Upgrade | BattleClaw Season 1 | Episode 15

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Team GoGo finds the battlefield more of a threat than their opponents. They must work together with their opponents, upgrade their gear, and find a way to escape. #MattelAction! #Battleclaw

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About BattleClaw:
BattleClaw is the most popular head-to-head beast-fighting sport in the world! Harnessing the power of the Wu Xing, Tyee and the rest of the Clawfighters capture Jinlins with their BattleClaw gauntlets and combine them to create mighty beasts that battle one another. Who will be the champion?

About Mattel Action!:
Mattel Action! is the not-so-secret headquarters for videos, packed with mind-blowing, rip-roaring, gut-busting adventures! From Mattel Brands to WWE to MEGA Construx to BattleClaw, these videos really pack a punch!

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Upgrade | BattleClaw Season 1 | Episode 15
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