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England, 95% of over 50s have had first dose

45-49 at 59% so far

Care home staff, 80%

Proportion of over 18s vaccinated in UK

Patients in hospital

2% of hospital beds

Zoe latest


NE highest

SW lowest

No big surges in South London (SA variant)

No data on India variant yet

Chance of contracting CoViD in next 24 hours

No vaccine 1 in 46,000

12 days after first dose 1 in 74,000

12 days after 2nd dose 1 in 114,000

Lancet paper next week

People in care homes with two vaccines should be given more freedoms

E mail from CDC to CNN, Breakthrough infections

Vaccinated people who become infected, 1 in 13,275

Of these, asymptomatic 29%

Required hospitalization 1 in 194,444

Deaths 1 in 1,040,540


Vaccine tipping point?

Point where supply outstrips demand

This week, 3 million per day

Last week, million per day

Summertime, hopes life will return to normal


Highest ever one day total anywhere

Cases, + 314,835 = 16 million

(US, 8th Jan, + 313,000)

30% positivity rates

Deaths, 2,104 = 185,000

Crowds outside hospitals

People dying waiting for admission

Oxygen supply variable

Deputy Delhi Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia

Some hospitals have run out of oxygen

Delhi crematorium resorting to building pyres in its car park

Specific example

Nashik, Western India

Broken valve on oxygen tank

150 CoViD patients

22 died

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Asked officials to find ways to produce more oxygen

States to come down heavily on anyone hoarding supplies

Curfew in Delhi, increased restrictions in Maharashtra

Vaccines, 130 million so far

Evidence going back more than 30 years suggests that platelets can biosynthesize proteins


Size limitations on public gatherings

8 closing time for restaurants and pubs

Other, recommendations

January, passengers on public transportation encouraged to face cover

South Africa

31 million doses of the J&J

30 million doses of Pfizer BioNTech

Resume using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

South Africa, no reports of unusual blood clots

290,000 of million health workers have been given the J&J vaccine in a study
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