Toxic Youtube Commenters vs Rocket League Players they called out (again)

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You'll find it in the comments of every single Rocket League game play video. Viewers claiming that a player is slow, boosted, or in some way not deserving of their rank. "My lobbies are faster than this and I'm gold." "I can half-flip, musty flick, air dribble and double tap, why is he diamond and I'm stuck in silver?" "THERE IS NO WAY THAT GUYS IS A (insert rank here)!!" It can get pretty toxic. But lately the situations and games people are judging players in are just getting ridiculous. After watching 4 plats play 2 Supersonic Legends in one of my recent videos, several commenters decided those weren't "good plats". Because a plat playing the highest rank in the game is the perfect way to know if someone deserves their Judging platinum gameplay in a short video is almost impossible, and in the end the ranking system in Rocket League works pretty well. But that's never enough for these types of commenters. In this second episode of my Youtube Commenter Rocket League Grudge Match we put these challengers up against some of my video participants. It's time for them to put their play where their mouth is. Something tells me that no matter the results this won't be the last time I have to do this.

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SSL vs Plats (RL mod):
Custom 1v1 Bot vs Every Rank:

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0:00 Youtube Comments
0:54 Plats Game 1
3:27 Plats Game 2
5:07 My Son faces his Challenger
8:04 The Final Showdown

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