Top 5 Scary Demons That Are Actually Good

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Top 5 Scary Demons That Are Actually Good
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Demons get a bad rap, don’t you think? They’re seen creatures in the service of pure evil in the Bible, they’re always depicted as villains in literature and cinema, and possibly most damning, the word demonic is always used to describe bad stuff! Sure, demons have done some less than savory things in the past, and have been known to trick and manipulate all sorts of folks, but we can’t just blanket statement the whole darn demonic race! There’s a large subset of demons who actually help people to the best of their abilities, imparting knowledge and granting useful powers. So today we’re going to flip through some demons that could use a PR makeover. Today on Top 5 Scary Videos, we bring you our list of the Top 5 Scary Demons That Are Actually Good.

Top 5 Worst Demons From The Bible

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