Tier List Update 6v6 April 2021 Bleach Immortal Soul (See Description)

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Q: Does the order of the characters play a factor in the strength (Left being strongest right being weaker). Ichigo A: No, only for asthetic - they are ordered from left to right in how high their rank is in Masesq's collection

Please post your thoughts, changes, ideas, etc. on the tier list under comments or dm me on discord. I want to compile viewers thoughts and do a video addressing them. Please include your server no so we can see if similarities between certain servers.

Example: Bad Vibes: I think Grimmjow V2 should be in Tier 0. His mastery skill has the ability to turn the tide of battle, and it does more damage than both Nel's and Hollowified Ichigo's mastery skills. It's like getting rage skill damage in the normal attack phase. I would drop Ulq V1, Kyoraku, and Yachiru to Tier 2. Ulq V1's value in 6v6 is his ability to absorb damage as a frontline character. He does not seem to block enough and is more reliant on the lifesteal or recovery when he attacks. If he did more damage when he attacks, then I could agree with Tier 1 for 6v6. I think he would be Tier 1 if this was a 1v1 list. Kyoraku does not do enough damage and does not have a high enough rate of blocking to warrant a Tier 1 ranking. His reflect damage is ok, but it requires a rage skill to hit him and in pvp with maxed orange souls doubling HP, the damage can be better absorbed. Yachiru is a decent support character, however, her detractions is that she has the vermillion soul (rage skill with dispel effect will hit second round), rage skill damage is low, defense and hp are lower than other SSR support characters, and percentage chance to silence for allied female characters is only 30%. If she did a lot of damage, that may give enough comfort to have her in the back row taking a damage dealer's spot. If she had better defense and block chance, that may give enough comfort to have her in the front row. She seems like a tweener character that brings about dilemmas as to how to situate her on the team. I would drop Hiyori and Nel SSR to Tier 3. Neither does enough damage to consider them on a good enough team, even when taking into account their other skills. They are also underwhelming as tanks - never seem to block enough. Devs seemed to try to account for that with Hiyori's Fury and Nel's rage attack. I haven't used Kid Byakuya yet, so can't say yet if I agree with Tier 3. His support skills are great. It's a question of his attack damage, block chance, damage reduction and HP. I'd prefer to have him on the frontline and have his crit increases boost damage dealers in the back row. He may end up Tier 2 or better depending on how the results pan out.

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