Tejon Street Corner Thieves - Demons (Acoustic)

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Tejon Street Corner Thieves - Demons (Acoustic) is taken from their upcoming acoustic album "Monarch Sessions" available for pre-order online at The 6-track EP is set for an October 16th release through Liars Club, the label founded by Banjo-attacking murderfolk troubadour Amigo the Devil and indie powerhouse Regime Music Group.

The "Monarch Sessions" presents an astonishing metamorphosis as the songs that were once rooted in darkness transform into their acoustic essence to highlight the emotional depth and find the light. The "Monarch Sessions" sees the band stripped down to solely Connor O’Neal strumming on banjo and Shawn D’Amario playing acoustic guitar.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves have been turning heads with a completely unique take on traditional folk and bluegrass music. The group made headlines with their viral music video for "Never Meant To Be", which showed the band playfully doing a parody impersonation of key artists in the dark folk and alt-country scenes. The video spawned countless reaction videos from parodied featured in the video including Dead South, Shawn James, Days N' Daze, Orville Peck, Bridge City Sinners, Harley Poe, and the group's new label founder Amigo The Devil.

When forced to cancel their touring plans when the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, Tejon Street Corner Thieves responded by doing drive-by performances to fans' houses. The band used their tour bus and a system to drive through fan's neighborhoods and perform from inside the vehicle, while fans take in the concert on their front porch maintaining safe social distances. The performances drew the attention of Fox News, ABC News, NBC 5 in Colorado, and MetalInjection, who covered the band and the group's unique approach to playing shows during the outbreak. Since then, other bands across America have adopted a similar strategy for performing drive-by concerts in other states and credited Tejon Street Corner Thieves for their original idea.
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