Smart Rocket League Players vs Mechanical Players in 2v2 (who’s better?)

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Are you a smart player? Or are you a mechanical player? Do you think your brains/mechanics could beat out the opposite player to you? Today we find out in 2v2 if smarts or cool shot training is more important for winning. A lot of people spend hours and hours in freeplay mastering flip resets, musty flicks, ceiling shots, and advanced mechanics. They then go into ranked and try to convert that training into their gameplay. But is that important to do? You can't hit cool shots without boost, or while you're going into kickoff again, after giving up a goal. So the smart players in Rocket League are also here to see if all you truly need is a 200 iq big brain. This series is pretty epic and there are a lot of good moments within this video. Which type of player are you more of??

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