Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs S10+ Camera Comparison Test: Upgrade?

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Here is the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus vs S10 plus Camera Comparison. The Galaxy s20 vs S10 camera test should be the same so you can expect similar results. The Galaxy S20+ is regarded the best Galaxy S20 this year even over the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy S20 Plus camera review after my testing has shown to produce the sharper images and is the best out of the bunch so far. What do you want to see in future galaxy s20+ camera reviews? Do you want to see a full galaxy s20 vs s10 video? Let me know who you think wins in the galaxy s20+ vs S10+ camera test. Stay tuned for more on the Galaxy S20 +

**** The Galaxy S20+ used for camera comparison is the Korean Factory Unlocked Snapdragon 865 Model. At the time of this video this phone as received 2 software updates since launch so software is the newest possible.

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