SAGITTARIUS May 2021 ✦ This is Weighing on You;Finding Happiness With or Without This Person ✦ Tarot

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This is a general love tarot reading for the sun, moon, rising, and Venus signs of SAGITTARIUS for May 2021. It may resonate for you through June 15, 2021. Cross-watchers are always welcome!

◆ About This Reading & How to Participate ◆
Tarot is always a collaborative effort between the viewer and the reader. Because this is a general reading and I am reading for thousands of people, not all messages may be for you. With this in mind, I do my best to read several different potential scenarios when I feel them. Please actively use your own intuition and personal discernment above all else as you watch and listen. Simply take what resonates and leave the rest. Be open to allowing my messages to inspire and spark your own original intuitive hits as well (you’re more intuitive than you think ????). If the storyline does not resonate with you, please don’t try to make it fit. Instead, check out readings for your other signs (sun, moon, ascendant aka rising, and Venus). If you don’t know your other signs but know your key birth information (including place and time), you can use the following link to calculate them.

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Welcome to Wild Card Tarot. I'm your neighborhood-friendly card-slinging modern mystic dedicated to unlocking secrets of the soul and weaving wisdom into everyday life. In good faith, I aim to provide general readings that are as detailed and precise as possible without any sugar-coating. Life is a wild card; Tune intuit.

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