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Nomura Tadahiro 野村 忠宏 is one of the most famous judo competitors in Japan.
He is the only judoka in the world who has won three Olympic Gold Medals in a row, all in the extra lightweight (-60 kg) division. Nomura began learning judo at his grandfather's dojo at age six. He won the All-Japan Selected judo championships for his weight class in April 1996 to gain a spot on the Japanese Olympic team for the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta (USA). Though relatively unknown at the world level at the time, he won his first Olympic Gold Medal defeating Girolamo Giovinazzo by seoi nage. After an injury, Nomura made his return at the All-Japan Selected judo championships in 2000, winning the competition for the third time to gain a second trip to the Olympics. He became the first -60 kg division competitor to win consecutive Olympic Gold Medals by defeating Jung Bu-Kyung of South Korea by sumi otoshi only 14 seconds into the match of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

He won the Japanese nationals for the second consecutive year (fifth total win) which enabled him to seek an unprecedented third consecutive Olympic Gold Medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. He achieved this feat with a win over Nestor Khergiani of Georgia. This made Nomura the only Olympic judo practitioner to have won three consecutive Gold Medals, and the first Olympic competitor from Asia to win three consecutive gold medals in any competition. This was also the 100th gold medal won by Japan in the Summer Olympics. Enjoy watching his highlights from his Olympic career!

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