Microsoft Flight Simulator - Beyond Ultra Graphics Option, x3 RAM Optimization, Flight Model Fixes

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The latest Developer Q&A for Microsoft Flight Simulator contained a ton of great information, which included improvements to graphic settings on PC, performance optimizations as well as some changes to the flight model – plus a whole lot more, so let’s jump in and take a look.

Plane Improvements
For further Microsoft Flight Simulator development, Asobo have been taking real airplanes out, and mapping out a set of moves, such as full rudder, or pitching and yawing. They have then been capturing all the data for this on a plane by plane basis. The data is then applied to the in-sim version of the same plane. The idea here is to get fine tune the in-sim planes in an attempt to make them as realistic as possible. So far Asobo have done this with 7 planes. That’s all three turboprops, the two 172s and the two 152. The one in the example video of course, is the Cessna 172. Asobo are also planning on doing the same with several other planes as well in the future. This is coming in Sim Update 4.

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