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Before I start this , this does not mean I no longer ship Michael x Ennard. I do. I have two AU’s one which I ship Michael with the girl in this video and the other where I ship Michael x Ennard. My main and most common AU is the Michael x Ennard AU. The child still exists in the Michael x Ennard AU.

Basically Michael met a girl in school. Her name was Hazel. They fell in love and shortly after everyone else in Michael’s family (Chris , Elizabeth, William and ) had died , Hazel became pregnant. Michael proposed to her on that day. Though they never got married as she died a week prior to the wedding date. She died when she was hit by a car, at this stage Luke ( Their son) was about 1 & 1/2 years old. Then When he was about 5 , Luke died of a respiratory disease he didn’t know he had. him coughing blood. Michael continued to work at SL after all this and then died when Ennard and Circus Baby killed him.
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