Manual of Hundred Demons Episode 2 English Subbed [ BAI YAO PU ]

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The ghost doctor Tao Yao, good and evil like a mystery. Jinling is passing, and the film armor is not left. Talk about hundreds of monsters and describe the vicissitudes of the world. She is the savior of all monsters and the nightmare of all monsters. She walked the rivers and lakes with a young monk who was grinding teeth, and was also a ghost doctor Tao Yao. The Taodu ghost doctor Taoyao only treats monsters but not others. She took the young monk to grind her teeth and traveled around to treat the monsters. The tussling foxes, and their old neighbor Snake Willow, also joined in the company, where the monster was rampant and thrilling, but the people who were nostalgic showed great magical powers, treating various kinds of monsters around them. The incurable diseases also solve problems for the humans around these monsters. The relationship between Tao Yao, Mo Ya and Liu Gongzi is not obvious, and there are more strange problems waiting for this small team to explore and solve. The tip of the iceberg ...



Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural

ONA, Donghua, chinese anime

Manual of Hundred Demons Episode 1 English Subbed

BAI YAO PU Episode 1 English Subbed
BAI YAO PU Episode 2 English Subbed
BAI YAO PU Episode 2 English Sub
BAI YAO PU Episode 2 Eng Sub
manual of hundred demons english subbed
manual of the hundred demons english subbed

Manual of Hundred Demons Episode 2 English sub

Manual of Hundred Demons Episode 2 Eng sub

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