Inverter Upgrade! Reliable to Aims in Off-Grid System

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New Aims inverter, 6000 watt, slit phase 120/240 volt 48 VDC. This thing is a monster at 80 pounds. I'm replacing my smaller inverter, the Reliable Electric brand 3000 watt unit. Besides the size, another key difference is how it's built. The Aims is called "Low Frequency" and the Reliable Electric is called "High Frequency". I've heard the low frequency inverters are better suited to running power tools and inductive loads, which is what I have in my garage shop.

Before I can use it I have to make some big cables for carrying the amperage. I'm using 4/0, fine stranded copper cable. On the ends I'm using 4/0 ring terminals, tin platted copper. The lugs are very thick copper with a closed end. I'm using a 12 ton hydrolic crimping tool, and die #95.

Once this inverter is wired up to the battery I wire up one of the hot legs (120 VAC) to a simple outlet I installed in a previous video. From this outlet I begin testing different power tools to see what this inverter can run and what it can't. Spoiler, it ran everything I plugged into it! So far, my review of this inverter is awesome!

This video is part of a long series I've been making this year of my off grid DIY Powerwall. Check out some of my previous videos to see the cabinet build, Chevy Volt batteries, or the solar ground mount.

Aims Inverter:

Remote LDC Monitor:

4/0 Ring Terminals:

Hydraulic Crimp Tool:

Reliable Electric 3000w Inverter:

250 Amp Breaker:

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