Imagine Dragons - Demons (cover)

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Demons is one of the most popular song by the band Imagine Dragons from their album "Night Visions". As this is one of my favorite track as well i couldn't stop myself from doing this cover. Obviously like all the other covers I tried to take a different approach for this song. Don't stop telling me whatever you feel about this cover.

This song is about fighting our inner demons. We all have a safe secret place where we protect our demons, rather fight for it. Shooting in the dark was a obvious choice. Had lots of fun editing as well. Pardon my poor editing skills.

Original Artist : @ImagineDragons
Cover by : Zebra Frontier
Voice / piano/ Arrangement : Ritwick Maity
Drums : Dr, DrummR
Camera and Concept : Tathagata Mukherjee
Managed by : Sayantini Mukhopadhyay
Edit by : Ritwick Maity
Special thanks to : Sounak Sahu
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