How to Install a Graphics Card - Upgrade Your GPU - 2018

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Upgrading your graphics card is one of the easiest/best ways to improve your computers performance when it comes to playing video games and using other 3D accelerated applications. But for someone that's never popped off their computers side panel before to take a peek inside the idea of opening it up and changing out hardware components can be a bit intimidating. I'd like to assure you that there really is very little to worry about and that upgrading your computers graphics card is a fairly simple process you can easily accomplish on your own. In this tutorial I go over all the steps and important information you'll need to know to do the physical upgrade. If you're looking for a video to help you learn a bit more about choosing which graphics card is the right one for you and what all things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a new graphics card then please check out my Beginners Guide video in the following link.

Worried about me upgrading this PC with it sitting on and while I'm standing on carpet? If you follow the advice I give about touching a metal part of your case to equalize the static charge between your body and your PC/components there's nothing to worry about. Don't believe me? JayzTwoCents, a much more popular 'TechTuber' than myself has even more experience building PC's than I do and here's what he has to say about
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-- Time Stamps --
0:00 - Video Intro
1:17 - Tools You May Need
1:31 - Opening Up Your Case
2:50 - Removing an Existing Graphics Card
3:56 - What to do if You're using Integrated Graphics (you don't currently have a graphics card in your computer)
4:24 - Installing your New Graphics Card
5:03 - PCIE Power Connectors
5:30 - Time for a Test Boot
6:29 - Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! :)

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