HASHASH 2 ???? WoW Classic Destruction Warlock PvP

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Hi guys! in my "movie" you can find:
1) cool intro, remade from legendary russian film "Brother" (которое мне пришлось вырезать, из-за нарушения авторских прав...)
2) little storyline about "movie" preparation
3) 4000+ soulfire oneshots and 3000+ soulfire crits
4) solo que wsg/ab and some world pvp vs 2/3
5) good heavy/power/melodic death metal

Rank - Champion
Talents - 10 / 7 / 34
Gear - 380 Spell Damage / 14,86 % Spell Crit / 0,00 % Spell Hit
Server - Dreadmist PvP EU

subtitles from deleted fragment:

human warrior - Hey, what's your name?
ork kid - Tickets, please
human warrior - No ticket
ork kid - Tickets, please
human warrior - No ticket
ork kid - Your tickets, please
human warrior - Listen, you not understand? I'm saying to you: no ticket
ork kid - Then pay the fine, please
human warrior - What fine, huh? I'm an invalid
ork kid - You pay the fine or show me your tickets
human warrior - Hey, sit down. There's no truth in legs. Sit down
ork kid - Well, if you haven't got tickets, then you have to pay the fine
human warrior - Hey, don't you understand or something? Come on, come on
undead warlock - Pay the fine
human warrior - Brother, dont kill me, brother. The
human warrior - Take it all, take Listen don't kill me, brother. Here
undead warlock - You're not my brother, you
undead warlock - How much is the fine?
ork kid - Seven
undead warlock - Run!
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