Global Update with UK focus

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Cases, + 284,196 = 15, 636, 812

Biggest daily increases

United States, Brazil, India and South Africa,

Deaths, + 9,753 = 636, 404


Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

As opposed to Department of Health and Human Services

Cases, + 72, 219 = 4,024,492

Deaths, + 1,113 = 143,868


Mask wearing in shops

Social stigma, £100

Indoor malls

Banks, building societies, post offices

Bus, train stations, airports

Public transport

All enclosed public spaces in England

Take aways

Not pubs and restaurants

Government looking at gloves

COVID-19 Infection Survey

13 to 19 July

1 in 2,000 people within the community (excludes hospitals, care homes, or institutions) had COVID-19.

27,700 people.

new infections for every 10,000 people

Which is around 2,800 new cases of COVID-19 per day

The decrease in the proportion of people testing positive in previous weeks has levelled off

Deaths involving COVID-19, Up to 10 July 2020, England and Wales

50,946 deaths registered involving the coronavirus

28,040 men (55%)

22,906 women (45%)

Deaths involving COVID-19 aged 65 years and over

Total deaths = 50,946

Deaths 65 and over = 45,528 ()

Deaths 64 or younger = 5,463 ()

Higher-paying jobs have most potential for homeworking

Chief executives and senior officials

£ per hour, are among those most able to work remotely

Financial managers and directors (£)

Programmers and software development (£).

In contrast

Gardeners, (£)

Carpenters and joiners (£)

Construction occupations like labourers (£).


Cases, 413

Deaths, 0

Vietnam has banned imports of wild animal species “dead or alive”

Pledged to root out the illegal markets trading in wildlife

With immediate effect

Prohibits illegal hunting

Bans online sales of animals and wildlife products


Cases, + 1,130 = 217, 797

Deaths, 30, 197

Rate of infection is accelerating again after the government eased restrictions.

Second consecutive day, over 1,000

Public compliance necessary


Cases, + 2,255 = 272,421

Figures added to by antibody tests

New infections, + 971 (Thursday) + 922 (Friday)

Nationwide lockdown lifted a month ago

Increase in new infections from Brits

Costa del Sol

Marbella reporting its first case in 11 days

23 people have contracted the virus in Malaga

Almeria has also seen a spike in infections

Lanzarote, British holidaymaker tested positive

Fears of a second lockdown in Barcelona arose after residents were asked to leave their
homes only for essential trips.


Cases, 9,085

Deaths, 255

Under control

3 people hospitalised on Friday

Reimposed quarantine on arrivals from Spain

Required to quarantine themselves for 10 days on arrival

Adding to similar measures for those from Portugal, Luxembourg, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.


Cases, + 49,000 = 1, 288, 108

Deaths, + 740 = 30, 601


Cases, 64, 847

Deaths, 9, 812

Cases, 98% increase in past week

Three-year-old girl dies

18 year old dies

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