Garage Shop LED Lighting Upgrade // Cheap LED Fixtures

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I FINALLY got around to upgrading my lights in my shop. I had 2 small fixtures that were OK for a garage, but were definitely not enough for a workshop. I installed 9 Barrina T8 LED fixtures distributed around my shop to dramatically increase the light output as well as more evenly light the space. Overall I'm very happy with the results and this video will show you how I did it!

Shop lighting is often overlooked as a critical component to a well functioning space. Having enough light is critical for craftsmanship and safety. If you are looking to upgrade your lighting setup to a high efficiency LED array - don't miss this! Barrina makes some very low cost lights readily available through Amazon. Be sure to check the links below.

Thank you to the sponsor of today's video, NewAir, who make really awesome portable space heaters for garages and workshops. The little 120V heater I used for this build is absolutely perfect for those cold days working in and around the shop. Details below!

120V NewAir Portable Ceramic Electric Garage Heater
Model: NGH160GA00
Check it out -
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