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Rolling into Arathi Basin on the Frost Mage!! Alright boys and girls, its been a while since you've seen me play some frost mage pvp, so here you go, some FRESH gameplay on the wow frost mage! Oh this battleground on the frost mage really shows that frost mage is incredible when utilized correctly!! Throwing rune of power down with glacial spike and flurry procs can WRECK people in frost mage pvp! Its absolutely not as good as fire, but frost mage pvp can hit quite hard when played properly!

The shadowlands mage is probably the only class with 3 entirely different dps specs. Shadowlands mage pvp can take 3 completely different forms and its honestly kinda cool! Shadowlands frost mage is a lot less fast paced, and shadowlands frost mage pvp doesn't have as much burst and mobility capacity as but that doesn't mean that frost mage shadowlands isn't fun or good, because honestly shadowlands frost mage can be incredibly fun, as you can see in this video!

Mage shadowlands gameplay is so varied that I thoroughly enjoy it every time! mage is great and mage pvp is the pinnacle of shadowlands pvp frost mage is also just super weird to play sometimes Frost mage pvp shadowlands relies on big hits from glacial spike or ebonbolt and if you don't spec into those 2 well you'll be in for a rough ride. Wish we could have frost bomb back! That was super fun in MoP! Either way pvp is great right now and mage pvp can't be complained about. Enjoy this video by the way!!

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