Exploring a $40,000,000 Gold Mine?

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This week, I head over to Nevada to explore the Bonanza King Mine! Currently on the market for $40,000,000!

This gold mine was first worked in 1868 with the open cut mine that is still visible today. Eventually a shaft was put in down to the 300 level. Over the years a variety of crews worked the claim until operations were shut down in 1910.

Since there, there have been a few studies done on this mine. The most recent exploration told to me was in 1993. The explorer that day studied 3 levels of the mine, the 50 level, 75 level, and 100 level. Upon returning, he called the owner, sat down to write up a full report, and died at his typewriter.

Nobody has been into the mine since. This week, I packed my bags to go explore this abandoned mine.
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