Ep. 075: BONUS! Get Your GOAL Conversations ???? The Fitness Matters Podcast with Pahla B

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There’s a treat???? for you in this BONUS episode of the Fitness Matters podcast, where we’re talking about buts, parentheses, and changing tenses (and don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense to you right now, it will when you listen)!

My friends, if you’ve ever said something like “I overate, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it” and then still didn’t feel good? This episode is for YOU!

We’re cleaning out our mental junk drawers????️ and exploring how to recognize language that holds EMOTIONAL WEIGHT and may be holding us back from getting the outcomes we want.

I talk about falls (both literally???? and figuratively!), guilt (why do we have it?), and the words we use to talk to ourselves. When we investigate the NUANCES IN OUR SELF-TALK????, it can put us on a different path????️ to creating better results in our lives.

Intrigued????? Listen now!

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