Easiest DIY Garage LED Lighting Upgrade \ 5 Minutes!

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As I prepare my new garage for my new shop I thought I would tackle the absolutely, hilariously bad, lighting situation. As you know, in any workshop the quantity and quality of lighting is SO important to safety and efficiency. There is no way that the original single bulb fixtures were going to work in there so I set out to find a better way. Oh and it had to be quick and easy since my time has been a precious commodity lately.

If you have been following along on my journey you'll know that in my last shop I installed some Barrina LED fixtures. There is actually a video of that transformation here: . Overall I was extremely happy with how that turned out, and would do that again in my shop, however since this garage will serve as a temporary shop AND I didn't have the time to tackle that needed to find a faster way.

That is where I came across the wide world of wacky LED fixtures on Amazon. There seems to be an explosion of Chinese-produced tri-fold fixtures that are now widely available. I began researching the different types, models, brands, and configurations. When installing LED shop lights there are a couple of considerations:
Lumens (measure of light output)
Color Temperature (measured in K, dictates how "cool" or "warm" the light is)
Color Rendering Index (CRI for short, dictates how realistic or color-accurate objects look when illuminated)

For lumens I wanted to shoot for as many as I could. Typically LED fixtures put out anywhere from 100-110 lumens per Watt, where as conventional incandescent bulbs put out about 10 lumens per Watt. For color temperature I know that I like 5000K for a shop. This would be a bit too "cold" for an indoor house light, but I think works really well when building things. Finally, you should always shoot for a CRI above 80. Anything below 80 will cause your projects (and belongings) to appear color-distorted and can throw you off when you're doing things like painting.

With all of the specs laid out I could use that to help weed through the options on Amazon. Since all of these lights utilized an existing lampholder fixture (E26/27), I knew they would be my fastest option, assuming they worked. Below you will find the TOP 3 options I came across:

Top LED (E26) Fixtures on Amazon:
1.) (What I Used) LZHOME 82W Fixtures (2-pack) 9000 lumens per fixture -
2.) (Runner-Up) ACI 80W Fixtures (2-pack) 8000 lumens per fixture -
3.) (Stupid-Bright Alternative) ZJOJO 100W Fixtures (2-pack) 12,500 lumens per fixture -

I purchased a total of 8 fixtures and installed 7 of them in my 3-car what a difference! Per the product page, each fixture puts out 9,000 lumens so my garage (in theory) is now lit by 63,000 lumens total! They were a breeze to install and assuming I just re-used my existing 4 ceiling have taken a whopping 5 minutes to complete.

Check out my previous video using 4’ LED Tube fixtures:

Links to those products:
Barrina T8 4ft LED (10-pack) :
Barrina T8 4ft LED (6-pack):
Cable Hiding Kit:

My Epoxy Floor Video:

Supplies I used in the video (affiliate links help support the channel!):

Leviton E26 Fixture Lampholder -
Old-Work Ceiling box (super cool) -
Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert Voltage Tester -
Klein Tools 11055 Wire Stripper -


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