Defence Update: Tejas Mk-1A Game Changer, Indo-US MH-60R Deal, Sukhoi S-70 Stealth UAV, TATA Kestrel

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Global Conflict Defence Update 6th August 2020: Episode: 03
1. China-backed attempt by Pakistan to discuss Kashmir issue at UNSC fails yet again: Indian diplomat
2. Lockheed to supply low frequency sonars for Danish and Indian MH-60R Seahawks helicopter.
3. Indian Army looking for new armoured vehicles for Ladakh, Tata among contenders.
4. Not just India and US, China's behaviour is becoming a problem for its friends, too.
5. Sukhoi to begin delivery of S-70 attack drone in 2024.
6. Upgraded Tejas fighter, touted as ‘real desi game-changer’, to fly in 2022-23.

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