Creality New upgrade version Ender-3 V2 an economic and integrated 3D printer

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Product size: 475*470*620mm
Printing size: 220*220*250mm
Layer thickness:
Filament: PLA/TPU/PETG
: ±
Molding Tech: FDM
N. W.:

Integrated printer, easy to install and maintain
Integrated structure and modular design, quick to install
All wires neatly arranged in order, safe and secure

Excellent heating plate and carborundum glass platform
Strong adhesion
No warping
Remove the model quickly

Self-developed silent motherboard
The self-developed silent motherboard with strong anti-interference ensures the smooth movement, no noise during printing. Branded power is suitable for different voltages under 115V / 230V.

New integrated tensioner
The XY-axis tensioner supports adjusting the belt tension in a quick and more convenient way.

Stowable toolbox
With the toolbox integrated to the machine body, it is more convenient and quicker for tools organization and storage.

Rotary knob
Rotary knob added on the extruder makes it easier to load and feed the filament

New UI interface
User experience greatly upgrades with the newly designed operation UI system, simple and quick to operate.

Creality Official Store:
Creality Official Site:
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