Camper Mattress Upgrade (Only a Handful of People Are Doing This!)

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Check out our camper mattress upgrade only a handful of people are doing this! In this episode we will be taking you into our teardrop trailer and walking you through how we upgraded our camper mattress to feel equivalent to our high end mattress at home! And best of all this is a low cost rv mattress hack that will help you sleep all through the night.

One of the first RV upgrades or van upgrades that most people tackle is researching what makes the best RV camp mattress. Luckily for you we have already done the research and are excited to share with you our simple camper mattress upgrade. Our goal was to find a camper bed situation that was low profile, light weight, affordable, and of utmost comfort. Well, we found it! Through trial and error we have discovered a combination of bedding materials that feel even better than an RV mattress topper. If you stick around we will also show you how to cut a memory foam mattress to fit perfectly on your rv bed. These tips work for teardrop trailers, van life, scamp trailers, and any other small rv. We aren't an official mattress insider, but we do have some good tricks up our sleeves.
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