ARRMA Kraton EXB, Maiden 6pole motor :D | Check Description :)

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then a year since i drove a ARRMA rc car. Did i miss it?, na, its a different situation today, and more open , i am fortune and got ma hands on the all new ARRMA Kraton EXB, "Extreme-Basher" ..This is a pure "First test", and therefor not the most classic Tp Bash.

The Suspension setup are almost spot on, i need 1 click higher oil for more pack, but overall, pleased!.

diffs bla bla, i read a lot, roasted, NONE roasted, so i decided bef ma LSD plates shows up, il run a classic V4 diff, shimmed like allways and running 7K LSD mid and front, running 60K ( like allways on ma arrma cars) , 100k to turn the wheel, turned the whole tranny , ok, il ofc give ut a pole 4274/1950 ( way to hot), Quickrun 150A, car felt, good, went where i wanted it to, took the jump good, low speed steering, not the best, but il live with think it handeled verry well for my impressed by the box suspension motor went real HOT-- so i took the classic Tp Leopard 4092/1730 ma old be a , hobbystar 4200/40c - 3s x2

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Check for awsm protective skinz and the tiny but cool battery checker "The Juice" '
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