5 MORE Extreme Demons Came Back to Life!

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Due to a popular request, the 2nd part of "5 revived extreme demon levels" is out now, featuring 5 more levels! Enjoy.

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▶Texture Pack (GD): #!QpIhXYDQ!AUp9BDxV8d9_aIBl9hdnogQxvX0EIEAT2z-bhhXfh40
▶Texture Pack (Minecraft):

• GD Wiki:

• Polargeist (Step):
• Phobos (Solkrieg):
• Betrayal of Fear (Goukisan):
• Sonic Blaster Remix (Hermando):
• Crystal Corruption (Lia;Quo):
• Magic Touch (Romos):

▶FOOTAGE (Someone's gonna say I didn't credit people so here's an L):
• Phobos (Dolphy):
• Blade of Justice (Kapinapi):
• Auditory Breaker (Beastular):
• Astral Divinity (Tenebris):
• Low Death (Ozzy):

▶RadicalMania (My osu!mania Channel):

▶ PC SPECS: • SYSTEM: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Operating System
• SYSTEM: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Operating System
• MONITOR: BenQ XL2411Z [144HZ]
• PROCESSOR: IntelCore i7 8700K CPU (@)
• RAM: 16GB
• GRAPHICS CARD: NVidia GTX 1080 Graphics

▶ Software:
• Recording: OBS Studio
• Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 16
• Graphical Design: Adobe Photoshop CS6

▶ Other Specs:
• Mouse: Logitech G502
• Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
• Microphone: Blue Yeti

• Thumbnail made by: Lexicon (Lexicon#7605)
• Profile Picture made by: Lexicon (Lexicon#7605)
• Banner made by: Lexicon (Lexicon#7605)

▶Social Media:
• Youtube: efreet457 (You're already here though)
• Discord: alias#4104
• Twitter: @gdalias_
• Snapchat: swagetiyoloneze (I was 12 when I named it that, don't judge me)

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